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English: Consolation

English: Consolation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the light fades I can see where the line I crossed began.
If I follow it, will it take me further into darkness?
Or will it lead me from my mind into deeper waters?
It’s a wonder that I haven’t found it all by now.
Can’t seem to understand it all, but in time it will make sense.
It can’t be a dream, but when I wake nothing is right.
You take me to a high sliver lined cloud and then let me fall.
You are not there to catch me and I lie bruised and battered, lost and forgotten.
Is this your idea of fun? This game you play so well.
With little feeling and words of kindness you twist the wound.
I wish you would just set me straight,
Tell me you don’t want me, let me go!
I fade with the night and the shadows swallow my breath.
I vanish from the horizon to be concealed by the day.
On this world I wonder torn and lost.
I waken now to the world that you have shown me.
And the first words I hear are silence.
Consolation leads to realisation.
I know what it is you want,
And with every breath I will take you down to my shadowy world;
Where my demons rule, and my flesh is weak.
I will revel in the lust you bring content to give into my desires.
It was never meant to be more than desire.
Chemistry confused for a connection, friendship confused as love.
Today I rise from the ashes new, stronger and more at peace.
My other side smiles, it has been hidden too long.