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Night sky (Photo credit: Sarah G…)

Night sky

With every breath I remember,
With every word I recall, and with every step I wonder.
As the wind calls my name I listen for its whisper
And watch the breeze flash across my skin.
Each moment is a step in a new world and every utter takes me to new places.
I have seen things that I can never forget,
But each memory brings me to a new place,
And no matter how hard things get I have the strength to cope.
I share my thoughts with the moonlight as the stars give light to my ideas.
As night turns into daytime I cross from light to darkness.
But as my eyes close I see things for what they are.
Night Sky
Night Sky (Photo credit: ciamabue)
Whispering trees catch the thoughts from my mind,
Bringing peace to my ever wondering thoughts;
With each step I get closer to peace and with each breath I get closer to the one.
If only I had the words to describe what wonders I have to share.
For now I’ll just be content with the moments that I have.
Now the daylight steals my tears and the dreams they begin to fade,
And today I will awaken anew, with a promise on my lips.
I will wonder this cloud forever watching out for those I love,
But for now I have my own temptations to banish,
And my own diamond star to conquer.

 Night Sky, Moon

Night Sky, Moon (Photo credit: thisreidwrites)