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Graveyard (Photo credit: ~ Phil Moore)

As twilight enters my somber room, I brush away the dreams. With one last glimpse into the gloom,
I break away the careless seams, of desire, forbidden fruit, once, alas my love you were near, now sealed below deep in your tomb.
I cry for you, and all at once I fear. Is it so, to be here lost alone, left all by myself with such a vast world to roam?
I cast off wonders of deep desires and recollections of flowers cast on your funeral pyre.
Memories rush into my mind, and I reach out to find empty space.
These recollections I can no longer face.
Sweet dawn come take these moments dear.
Once happy smiles and sparkling tears;
And yet I hear you near and to my delight you appear.
So forlorn now, in anguish pale, sweet love I ask you to retreat.
Is it guilt that brings you hence?
Or am I in slumber still, so eager to have us meet.
I cannot forget you now, so pale, so lost, so near.
What wonders you bring, my dear.
In pain and pity I retreat, half lost in dreams and mellow sleep.
It’s done for now sweet love, if indeed heaven exists and you are above.
Shattered waves crash through my mind, casting moments to and fro leaving peace behind.
Yet bitterness does taste so sweet, half lost in dreams I slumber deep.
Suddenly penetrating the gloom with half shut eyes I stare into my room.
And a myriad of stars shine bright for me, allowing me to finally see.
Not forgotten, not lost, never far no matter the cost.
Is it real? Do you stand there now glaring upon my abandoned sins?
Choosing to infiltrate this world I live in.
All melancholy and disjointed, standing there as if anointed.
Your lavish garments in disarray, your expression conveying your dismay,
But still you stand with intention, giving off an air of tension.
Words neither of us care to mention; death, ghost, apparition.
I cling to my bed sheets now in trepidation.
All this is almost too much to stand; but in earnest feeling my distrust you reach for my hand.
Now I shy away from what I feel, alas I fear you are not real.
Your touch so cold, but yet so warm.
I know now you mean me no harm.
Is it through my dreams you have come?
Or are you a pleasant side effect of delirium?
‘Hush now’, you say ‘with sweet dawn I rest again,
Let the birds sing loud for I’ll not hear,
There sweet song deep down here.
But when twilight comes a new I’ll raise unburdened from slumber and find you’.
Again you speak soft words to me and let me understand what you see.
And to my astonishment and wonder you are not a monster, left in this world to wander.
With hushed sighs and tears in eyes I let you go back to your slumber deep,
So that when the moon arises tonight you will awaken again from your sleep.
And I shall rush into your arms in darkness sweet, and feel again our bodies meet.
twilight (Photo credit: Kilgub)
With thoughts of love I see a new, oh how I have seen it all askew,
This strange and wondrous world of mine, how bright you shine,
It’s in this new darkness I will prevail, not lost, not scared, not dead, not failed.
I give my world one last glance, its beauty hidden in brilliance.
Sweet twilight you have at last arrived and now I let my mortal soul arise.
I see all my love shows to me, so grand so vast, so beautiful and complete.
With my love I walk in shadows new, with destiny to see us through.
And a myriad of stars await us in the night, so wondrous and so bright.