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Zombieland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exploring the realms of fear is something I try to do every now and again to keep myself up to date with the latest scares.

So lately I have been exploring the world of zombies. Now anyone who knows me will be aware of my fear, ( I think rational, because lets face it if anything from a horror movie was to come true it would be zombies.), of zombies.

Well in my endeavours to rid myself of my, ‘rational’, fear of the big Z’s I watched the funny films of that brain eating bunch. Moives such as ‘Zombieland’, and ‘Warm bodies’. And I got to tell you they have changed my outlook on Zombies, especially ‘Warm Bodies’ , ( the book is also very good.).

Well lets just say I can watch the funny Z movies without being scared, but as for ‘Dawn of the Dead’, I think that one will still keep me up at night.

You see for me it’s not the gore that bothers me, it’s the

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the Living Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

psychological factor. The fear of being turned into a walking corpse, where you can’t function or be you any more. The fear of being trapped in your own head while the rest of you does things all on its own. That fear of losing control. That’s why psychology fascinates me so much. And why, for me, it goes well with horror.

That creepy feeling you get when you’ve watched a horror movie, the feeling that it leaves with you, like when you’ve had a bad dream. That feeling intrigues me beyond words. Why? What is it about fear that makes it one of the most powerful emotions of the human soul? I’m hoping my friend Kat can help me with that one, (she is a psychologist).

That aside, I really have been drawn into the world of horror. And so many people have said to me, don’t get absorbed in it too much, as it’s not good for you. Apparently it makes you negative. But how can something you find interesting be so negative? Besides if those people saw me dancing about my house to silly songs I make up then they might think differently. Yes I love horror and yes I am fascinated by the apparent dark side of human nature. That being said I am also a hyper crazy fool who loves to sing and dance around her house to silly songs. So it’s all about balance. And anyway who said that horror was the dark side of human nature? Now that’s a story for another time.

Have fun people and remember, if you get a cold sweat and goose bumps for no reason there’s probably something watching you! Just kidding, or am I?