It’s been a busy week full of writing and editing. My poetry should have been up on Kindle Saturday afternoon, but I stupidly made the mistake of using the word twilight in my tag searches and as a result my book kept being reverted back to the draft stage. I was in no way trying to link the aforementioned word to the book full of sparkly vampires, I was merely thinking of the time of day when dark and light met before the night takes over. Therefore I thought that the word twilight was an apt word to describe some of the poems in my book. Unfortunately the Amazon search engine thought differently. Of course before I realised this mix up, I was cursing Amazon, thinking they were just being awkward. Well suffice to say the book was published quite fast  and efficiently once I removed the twilight word from my tags.

In the meantime I also set about publishing my book on Smashwords, which was very easy and proficient. I really like the set up that Smashwords have, because they allow you to have a picture, which will scare away any mouse, and also encourage a bio. Smashwords also help distribute your work to all other major e-book sellers, should it pass certain criteria. Which I think really takes the sting out of it.

On the whole my short journey into the world of e-book publishing has been a huge learning curve. The whole editing process was enough to freak me out and send me searching for the chocolate bars, which I am currently trying to avoid, and I wasn’t even doing the whole e-pub formatting; thanks Frassy for that one, I was merely reading and re-reading over and over for mistakes. And of course doing the normal, ‘I hate this one, let’s pull it’; ‘Nope wait, I need to rewrite this one’, type panic that usually ensues when I am losing confidence and nervous about my work. But I am glad I got there in the end and my first set of poems is officially digitally published.ae2b8-cover

So without further ado I am happy to announce that my collection of poems, ‘Shades of a Dream’ is now available to purchase on the following websites:



Google play:

The book may also be available from other e-book retailers soon. I will keep you updated.

Now it’s time for me to get my head down and get back to my manuscript, cause at this rate it will never be ready to send off to the publishers by the end of summer.