So I decided to take my poetry book off of KDP select, so that I could have better control of the pricing and also to share it across more e-book platforms. It took a few clicks and a few seconds to do this, so I decided I would then re-publish it on Smashwords as well as Amazon. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well in theory no, since I had previously published to both. With Smashwords it took a few clicks and a couple of minutes and voilà, my poetry book was back up for sale. However, when it came to Amazon, I’m still waiting, and it’s been about 12 hours.
Why does Amazon take so long? I seem to recall this the last time.
I do own a Kindle, and I do use it regularly, although nothing compares to the printed book, and from a readers point of view it’s great. But from a writers point of view, or at least mine so far, Amazon is as slow as a snail at accomplishing something that Smashwords, a not so well known e-book publisher, does in an instant. It just bemuses and bewilders me.
Regardless, like so many other writers I will continue to use Amazon, but I have to say I will be thinking twice about entering any future books in the KDP select again. I know that poetry can be very hard to sell, but I really do fail to see the benefits of the KDP select. To be honest I’m a bit unsure of how it’s exactly meant to work in the favour of the writer. I much prefer to be in control of how much my book is priced at. With that in mind, once Amazon finally re-publishes my poetry book, I will be putting it on sale for £0.99, across both Smashwords and Amazon.
If anyone else has had any problems with publishing on Amazon, or indeed had any positive experiences, I’d be happy to hear about it.