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Blackened dust on ashes of a new world.
Is it all gone now?
He’s out there, he knows I know him.
Cold, dark, complete.
These dreams haunt my deep sleep.
Causing questions that take my answers.
When the world swallows me whole,
He is there to hold me.
At times I feel that gaping fissure,
Right underneath my feet.
I hold on with all my willpower, but it gets harder every second.
I get lost in the moment
Then the past returns.
It’s the darkness that soothes me and takes over my soul
Creating my safe haven where I am free to explore.
Old and new mingled in the thorns of time
Wrapped up in a cloak of darkened feathers
My wings can’t take flight.
Not yet!
He calls to me, my devil.
Torturing my heart over and over again.
Lost in a deep dark dream.
Only he knows my secrets.
I’ve given myself over to you.
I reach out in my dreams
Drink deep the red bleeding.
Darkness soothes me.