I want to fall asleep and never wake;
Close my eyes and drift into darkness,
Letting peace enter my heavy mind.
Shut them all out.

My soul cries for freedom,
My heart aches for happiness,
My mind yearns for understanding.
My spirit grows weaker every day.

I walk this road alone,
My darkness my only comfort and retreat.
They never truly cared,
They have never understood.
Now their judgements fill my heart.
Their hateful words rattling in my mind.

My peace is shattered,
My world torn asunder.
I drown in their shadows.
Their selfishness will betray them,
They will rot under their loathing.

I am beaten down, prejudged and caged up.
I scream in my head,
The voices clashing around.
I can’t breathe.
Their contempt drives me insane.
They can’t see me.

The stress on my world crushes my soul.
I don’t want to lose myself again.
Let there be peace,
Let the darkness come.
Again my sweet surrender I call upon your requiem.