Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping well.

In honour of this weekends festivities, for those who celebrate Samhain (pronounced Sawin); also for those who just love Halloween. I am going to be posting a new poem over the next four days that have a Halloween/Samhain theme. So to begin here is my first poem. I hope you all enjoy and Blessed Samhain/Happy Halloween to all who celebrate.

Dance of the Dead


Dance to the macabre tune.
Doesn’t it sound wonderful?
Their dark moth eaten clothes flow around them.
Their eerie smiles full of woe.
Then before their dance ends,
A lone figure enters.
Her tall frame glides towards me.
Her dark hair falling past her waist.
As she approaches I feel her sadness,
And I can see the tears settling in the corner of her eyes,
Each tear glistening and sparkling like diamonds.

I know her face.
She is so familiar, yet so abstract.
Her melancholy fades when we touch.
She is not like the rest,
She is of flesh and blood,
And her clothes look new and clean.

I hold out my hand to touch her,
But I can’t reach.
‘What trickery is this?’
I call out loud,
But the music drowns me out.

She is fading now,
And the music is getting louder.
I watch her become a faint whisper on the breeze.
But I can’t forget her face.
I’m sure I know her.
I’m sure she was once special to me,
But I can’t really recall.
The music is like an ocean in my head,
It drowns out all my thoughts,
Making them a patchwork of images.

I want to go after her,
But the dancers hold me back.
My mind becomes filled with the rhythm
And the rhythm gets a hold of my soul,
As the dance of the dead beckons me once more.