As shadows dance across the moon,
And bright flashes with thunder boom;
A small figure appears in shroud,
Bent forward sadly, head bowed.
Her whispers call out to the night,
As she attempts to cleanse her land of its blight,
But her magic once strong is now weak,
And so an ancient sorceress she must seek.
For her power is greater than all the rest,
Even so this nightmare will put her magic to the test.

You see this land was once a beautiful place,
Full of magical wonders and in natures embrace.
But sadly an evil has spread across this land.
And it was their good King who gave it a helping hand.
He had once been honest, gracious and true,
But corruption befell him and on dark forces he drew.
And sadly before his people realised their plight,
He had created an imbalance that caused good to take flight.
So as a result the land was altered,
And all the good magic began to falter.

So this young figure shrouded this night,
Had little choice but up and take flight,
And awaken the sorceress ancient and clever.
And hopefully with her help they could cleanse this land together.witch92

As soon as the sorceress was awakened this night,
She immediately realised her land was in plight,
So she snatched up her cape, her mace and her hat,
And called on her favourite magical cat.
All threes instantly set out to the standing stones,
Where magic was stronger and would empower their own.

While they were chanting a great storm hovered by,
It grumbled and groaned in the black midnight sky.
No moon could be seen and the stars they had vanished.
It seemed as though their land would be forever tarnished.

Then all of a sudden a great rumbling sound,
And a black horse with rider raced over the mound;
Towards the two sorceresses the horse was racing,
And almost immediately they knew who they were facing.
The King had come himself to stop their magical event.
And on their destruction his mind was hell bent.

But all of this time the ancient sorceress had been clever,
And to the power of the stones her own magic she had tethered.
So with one hand aloft she used all of her strength,
And cast the King down dead, but now her powers were spent.
The great sorceress whispered in the ear of her friend;
‘Now bring his evil reign to an end!’
So the shrouded figure did exactly that,
Picking up the ancient sorceress cape, mace and hat;
And she put an end to the old King’s tyrannical administration,
Bringing peace, tranquillity and integrity back to her nation.

In time the land recovered and began to bloom.
But the corruption that beset their King over them loomed.
So for their protection magic spells were radiated,
To keep evil from entering and any of its hosts sedated.

As for the shrouded figure, she took her friends place,
And carried on helping and caring for her race.
Centuries later she is still celebrated,
And the tyrannical King of old is still very much hated.

But least not forget the ancient sorceress,
Who sacrificed herself on their dangerous quest.
She is not forgotten by the people of her land,
For in their town square her statue proudly stands.