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Tonight, the air is heavy.
I can sense a change in the air.
The humid reflection of lost words,
An open voice of collected dreams.
I respond with head bowed for I know not where I wander.
Ashes of a new day reach the horizon,
The taste of bitter sweet memories in my mouth.
I catch my breath on shattered words,
And reach for another day.

Morning breaks and the pieces of yesterday flood my mind.
A softly placed moment catches my dreams.
I watch as the trees gasp in the wind,
And the birds float in their domain.
I am risen anew, a shadow spec of yesteryear’s.

I dance to the flight of the moon,
Its dreams share wisdom beyond our understanding.
I clash with the sun, it’s bright flames dancing in my eyes.
I crash with the waves and swirl amid the blue.
Tangled in this day with words that rise me up.

Pressed against the happiness,
With questions in my voice,
Lost on a breeze of raindrops.
The tender moments give me strength,
The laughter lifts my soul.

With a steady walk of confidence,
I embrace myself.