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As darkness settles all around,
I fear not the smallest sound.
For I know that from darkness will come light,
During Samhain, this spirit filled night.
I cast my eyes from shadows near,
To remember all those I hold dear.
To honour my ancestors past and present,
By remembering childhood moments spent.
Tonight the veil between the living and the dead,
Will weaken enough for the spirits to tread;
In our world.

But fear not the darker nights,
Nor goblins, ghouls, or zombies sent to fright.
For your ancestors should be honoured instead.
They ought to be rejoiced not seen in dread.
So tonight I give thanks with happiness and pride.
And hope that all my loved ones are at my side.
That they find welcoming warmth and joy at my door,
And leave some in return when they enter our realm once more.
I bid you all in this last day of autumn,
A bountiful harvest to fill up your tum.
And may it last all the winter through.
Blessed Samhain to you.