5.30am and still sleep evades me.
Like a clandestine conspiracy, it keeps me from my dreams.
I lie here in shadows hoping it will see me and steal me away to Dreamland,
But the quiet gives me little solace just now.
Each passing moment slowly ebbing out before me,
Teasing me with the tranquillity I cannot grasp.
My head is full of contemplation and memories,
Both good and bad.
Restless, I turn and mingle with the covers, a soft enemy in my dark room.

Each moment seems to awaken me further,
Yet my body limp and tired refuses to give up on hope or peace.
My mind, splintered in two;
A part of it awake and alert to every noise and thought,
The other grasps for sleep.
Reaching out to the thin tendrils of a world I cannot be a part of just now.

Everyone else is soundly sleeping, exploring a world I cannot yet reach.
The dregs of yesterday are still playing on my mind,
And as the light of a new day dawn’s I feel the weight of it pressing even heavier into my subconscious.
I need to sleep too clear my head, to say goodbye to yesterday.
The yesterday that still feels like today for me.
It’s remnants lingering on the edges of my mind like a small headache.
My eyelids start to fall shut,
I can feel the weightless relief of sleep caress me;
It’s sweet melody of comfort and peace.
Thankful I rest falling into a dream that I barely catch a whisper of before my alarm blares it from my mind.
Rudely I am awakened to meet the day that everyone else sees as new.

©2017 C.L.Byiers. All rights reserved.