This darkness I swallow, 313030
It’s calmness I crave;
It swims in my mind,
As I dance on your grave.

I am dangerously wicked,
Deviously mean.
I will come after you,
This coming Halloween.

I am the ghost of vengeance,
Ruthless and mean.
If you annoy me,
I will cause a bloody scene.

I am your worst nightmare,
Your death it awaits;
For I am the one,
Who holds the key to deaths gate.

On this Sunday eve I will begin my campaign,
To scare, delight and drive insane.
But fear not adults young and old,
For if you are wise, good, gracious, and bold;

I will merely give you goosebumps,
On these coming nights;
For it is only with the sinful,
That I wish to induce frights.

So be extra careful,
Be gracious and kind,
Then I will not scare you,
Nor tamper with your mind.

I am the ghost of vengeance,
I seek only the mean.
So to all those others,
Have a happy Halloween.